You should allow a glazing tolerance of 1.5-2.0mm between the outside edge of the glass unit and the frame when measuring. Setting blocks should be used to locate and support the sealed unit.

Apertures must be dry and sealed prior to glazing.
The unit should be bedded on either a bead of low modulus neutral cure silicone (recommended Hodgson Sealants Silfix U9 silicone,product data sheet available on request), or on a foam glazing tape (recommended Tecnibond HTA foam tape, product data sheet available on request).

.The void between the outside edge of the unit and the frame should be filled with low modulus neutral cure silicone, if finishing with face putty the silicone must be allowed time to cure before putty applied.

Face Putty

Face putty with a Multi-Purpose putty (recommended Hodgson Sealants Multi-Purpose Putty product data sheet available on request,). Apply putty to frame leaving a 2mm over painting line onto the glass. To ensure a good seal between glass and putty, brush the putty with a fine putty/dusting brush.

Timber Beads

Timber beads should be applied with glazing tape between glass and bead, and pinned into place. Timber beads should be capped with low modulus neutral cure silicone to ensure that water cannot penetrate the glazing system and cause premature failure of the sealed unit.

Glazing Products
All Glazing products are available from Slenderline Glass Ltd.

It is the responsibility of the glazier to ensure that all of the glazing products to be used are compatible with the Hot Melt seal prior to installation.

Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in your guarantee becoming invalid should a unit fail.

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